Free Shipping on all Orders!


How much is shipping on INWEGO Swag Store purchases?

  • Shipping is free on all purchases! Membership gift cards will be delivered digitally via email.

Can I return or exchange an INWEGO Swag Store purchase?

  • Sorry, we don't offer returns or exchanges on INWEGO Swag Store purchases. All sales are final.

When will my INWEGO Swag Store purchase ship?

  • We will ship purchases once COVID-19 social distancing requirements are lifted and events on INWEGO resume. All INWEGO merch is at our office, and we are at home! The timing of this is TBD. Once that happens and your purchase ships, we'll notify you via email.

Do I have to be an INWEGO member to buy or receive a membership gift card?

  • Nope! Anyone can gift or receive an INWEGO membership gift card. If you're buying a gift card for someone else, check the "Is this a gift?" box at checkout, and provide the recipients name & email.
How is the membership gift card delivered?
  • The membership gift card will be delivered via email. We will deliver gift cards once COVID-19 social distancing requirements are lifted and events on INWEGO resume. That way you (or your recipient) can make the most of the gift card! The timing of this is TBD. Once that happens, we'll email the gift card purchaser, and the recipient if it was purchased as a gift.
How is the membership gift card redeemed?
  • New members will receive a unique promo code via email, and will apply that promo code when purchasing a membership on
  • For current members, our Customer Support team will automatically apply the gift card value to your account and send an email notification when that's complete.
Will INWEGO membership gift cards apply to Guest Tickets, late cancellation or no show fees?
  • No, the value of your INWEGO membership gift cards will only apply to your monthly INWEGO membership fee. Once you have gift card value on your INWEGO account, it will automatically apply when your membership renews.
Do INWEGO membership gift cards expire?
  • Nope! Redeem and use gift cards anytime.

I have a question that is not answered here.

  • We're happy to help! Contact our Customer Support team here.